An automatic sprinkler system gives your landscape the look you’ve always wanted – thick green grass, beautiful shrubs, and lively vegetables in your beautiful garden. An automatic sprinkler system brings major value to your home and creates less stress in your life – no longer will you need to worry about your grass dying or getting out the hose. An automatic sprinkler system saves the most valuable thing of all – your time.

For 14 years, 18 Irrigations owner Nick Cox has learned how to perfect the art of customer satisfaction, while providing clients with all their irrigation needs. Customers aren’t just a number to Nick. When you call 18 Irrigations, you will speak with the owner directly. 

Whether you are looking for a new system, maintenance to your current setup, help with spring start-up/fall winterization, or back-flow preventer testing (certified), 18 Irrigations can provide it all.

Our services come with an industry standard 1-year warranty and many of our products hold even a lengthier manufacture warranty.

Whether your irrigation needs are residential or commercial, give 18 Irrigations a call today for a free estimate. The customer service you’ll receive will make you glad you did.